Taking the Stress Out of Home Improvements

If you are thinking of making home improvements there are a few things to keep in mind as you begin: Keep a wish list of home improvement projects Categorize the list by room Prioritize the list once you feel you are ready to begin Keep a home improvement fund so you dont go into debt […]

Helping Your Dog Survive a Move

Well, you’ve done it!  You’ve decided to move or have been asked to relocate for your company to one of the Lake Conroe Properties.  It’s difficult enough for you, your spouse and your children, but have you ever thought about the effect it may have on your dog?  Well, believe it or not, moving is […]

Surviving a Move with Your Cat

So you think you’re going to have a tough time adjusting to your new neighborhood through Lake Conroe Properties?  Well, it’s going to be even tougher on your cat!  We all know how territorial cats can be and that they really don’t like change.  Well……hopefully, here are some thoughts that may help you AND your […]

Choosing a School When You Relocate

There are many things to consider when you are moving to a new home, especially when you have children in school.  Homes in the Lake Conroe Properties are divided into different school districts around the lake.  Before you decide on a location, you need to check out the schools and find the one that is […]

How to apply for a Mortgage with Bad Credit

The FHA Government Loan Program is ideal for borrowers with poor impaired credit, and borrower’s that lack a sizable down payment.  When qualifying for a FHA Loan the borrower needs to prove their income is sufficient enough to make the monthly mortgage payments.  The value of the house compared to the size of the loan […]