Has your house been on the market for 3,6,9, or even 12 months?  Here are some tips for getting it SOLD!

  • An accurate price is the most important factor to getting a home sold in a reasonable amount of time.  Based on the recent sales in your neighborhood.  Work with your real estate agent to develop a realistic price range.  To attract buyers be aggressive with your price.
  • Is your home easy to show?  Make sure an agent is able to show your home with minimal notice, 1-2 hours tops.  Most agents will not show homes that are difficult to schedule.
  • When an agent is showing your home, leave them ALONE!  Buyers do not want to be followed around by the seller.  If you are not able to leave your home then stay in a room and let them know you are available if they have any questions.
  • Your home needs to be neat and tidy!  Buyers are turned off by the smell of the fish you fried the night before and the soap scum in your bathtub.  Your tome could sell for 10’s of thousands of dollars less than it could have because you refused to clean up!
  • Do you have obvious repairs that need to be made?  If you notice them then potential buyers will too.  make the repairs or be willing to do so if the buyers request them.  Buyers want a great price for a great home.
  • Most buyers search online before contacting an agent.  Therefore professional pictures are the most important thing you can do to get your home recognized and attract buyers for an in-person showing.  Approximately 90% of all homes for sale are using basic boring photos.  Your home will stand out with professional photos!  Without an “in-person showing” your home will never sell.