Well, you’ve done it!  You’ve decided to move or have been asked to relocate for your company to one of the Lake Conroe Properties.  It’s difficult enough for you, your spouse and your children, but have you ever thought about the effect it may have on your dog?  Well, believe it or not, moving is just as stressful on your dog as it is on you.  Here are a few tips to help you AND your dog survive the move to a new home.

Preparation before the move:  If your dog is used to being in a crate then your job is much easier in this respect.  If not, then buy a crate that gives your dog enough space to be comfortable yet cozy enough to feel safe.  Give him time to get used to the crate.  You may also want to get new tags for your dog with the address, phone number, etc. of your new Lake Conroe Home on them in case he gets lost during the move.  You may want to get the name, address and phone number of the closest vet near your new Lake Conroe home so that you will have it as well.

While you are packing:  Place your pet in a safe, quiet room, ex. bathroom, with the crate, food and water, and a favorite toy.  Close the door.  Check back every so often and give words of encouragement.  Watching you pack is very stressful for your dog. (Also, be sure that when you leave you don’t forget the dog!)

What to pack for your dog:  Take his favorite kibble and be sure you pack plenty of water.  Don’t forget any medications he may need.  Also, pack his favorite toy.  If traveling by car: You may want to leave your dog in the crate or get a restraining harness.  Whatever you choose to use, you may want to familiarize your dog with it prior to the actual move.  Start taking rides with your dog weeks before if he is not used to traveling in a car.  Remember not to leave your dog alone in the car if it is warm outside as the temperature in the car can rise fast.  If your dog is not used to traveling in a vehicle then you may want to talk to your veterinarian about ways to help his comfort level.

If traveling by air:  If you must transport your dog by air then check with the airline prior to the day of the event.  Check to see what restrictions the airline may have.  If the dog is to travel in the cargo hold try to get a direct flight, be on the same flight as your pet, and be sure the cargo hold is pressurized and temperature controlled.  Again, check with your veterinarian.

When you arrive at your new home:  Check to be sure that the home is safe for your dog.  Check the property fence lines for any breaks of places where he may get out.  Check for poisonous materials/chemicals that may be left around.  You may also want to check for choking hazards that may be left while unpacking.  Again it may be best to put the dog in a safe, quiet room during the unpacking as this can cause as much stress on the dog as it does on the humans.  Once you are able, let your dog out and spend time with him playing and letting him get acclimated to the new Lake Conroe Property.  Let him explore the new home.  Be sure the house and outside area are secure so that he doesn’t wander away while exploring.  Try to get back to your dog’s daily routine as soon as possible.  (Example:  daily walks, etc.)

Welcome and Good Luck as you begin your new life in a Lake Conroe Property!