So you think you’re going to have a tough time adjusting to your new neighborhood through Lake Conroe Properties?  Well, it’s going to be even tougher on your cat!  We all know how territorial cats can be and that they really don’t like change.  Well……hopefully, here are some thoughts that may help you AND your cat during and after the move to a new home.

Before the move:  Check with your veterinarian prior to the move.  Get lists of vaccinations, health certificate and suggestions for helping your cat during and after the move.  Be sure to take any medications your cat may need.  Get new tags made with the address, phone number, etc. of your new Lake Conroe home on them.  You may want to leave the old veterinarian’s tag on the cat in case it runs away after the move.  Often they will go back to the old home.  Try not to make any radical changes in the cat’s routine or your home routine prior to the move if possible.

Day of the move:  Board the cats if you can so that they aren’t around all the hustle and bustle.  They have been known to escape through an open door due to the stress and noise of movers and strangers in the house.  You can also crate your cat and put it in a safe area of the house where things are calmer.  Put the cat’s toys, blanket, food, water and litter box in the room with him.  If the cat should be around any moving activity, be sure you check before taping the boxes to assure that the cat hasn’t slipped into one of the boxes to hide.  Make the packing of the cat’s things the last thing you do.

If traveling by car:  Be sure to crate your cat for safety.  He will feel more secure if his “things” are packed within his crate.  Be sure to take plenty of food and water.  Also, carry a litter box if traveling a long distance.  If the weather is warm be sure to not leave the cat inside the car.  If there’s a need to stay overnight in a motel be sure to check ahead of time for restrictions regarding cats.

If traveling by air:  Call the airline ahead of time to see what rules, regulations and restrictions they may have.  Do you have to put your cat in the cargo hold or can it ride in a carrier under your seat?  Is the cargo hold pressurized and temperature controlled?  Be sure the carrier is secured with a lock.

When you arrive at your new home:  Be sure to check for areas of escape at your new property.  Be sure the area is safe from chemicals/poisons that may have been left or unpacked.  Keep the cat in a secure, safe, and quiet area or in his crate while movers are unpacking.  Until the cat is used to the new Lake Conroe home, keep him inside the house.  After the movers have left allow the cat to explore his new surroundings.  He may hide for several days.  Once you find where he is hiding, place food, water, and litter box near that area.  When he does come out reassure him that all is OK.

Enjoy your new home in your Lake Conroe Property!