Here are ten things you need to know for a successful sale!

#1.  Don’t take for granted that everyone knows where your street is located.

#2.  Make your signs large enough so that people can REALLY see them.  The small signs are impossible to read when you are driving in a car.

#3.  Put LARGE arrows on the signs so they can easily be seen from the road.  Drive by your sign yourself and see if you can see it.  If not, well……

#4.  Do not write on the sign what is in the sale…no one can read it while they are driving.

#5.  Put what is in the sale on the websites that are made for advertising your sale.

#6.  Be certain the signs are sturdy and will hold up in bad weather.  You do not want them blowing down or the edges curling up if the weather is damp or windy.

#7.  Label your items if at all possible.  People like to be able to know the price range.

#8.  Be willing to negotiate and keep in mind that you are selling retail.  You are having a yard sale.  What is valuable to you is not as valuable to those people buying.  They are looking for a deal!

#9.  Be honest with people as to the condition of the items.  They will appreciate that.

#10.  Please remember to take you signs down after the sale.  Your neighbors will appreciate that as well as the community.

Good Luck on you move to your new Lake Conroe Property and have a great yard sale!!!!!